let me break it down...

Truth is, not every VA is right for every business owner. When you delegate tasks, you're trusting someone else to hold a piece of your brand in their work. You want someone that's going to follow up on inquiries, relay your brand voice, or set up systems similarly as you would. It’s my mission to help you stay in your zone by handling those tasks that make you feel most stuck in a way that makes you feel most confident.

i'm down with this

thinking about hiring a va?

"Thanks to Jessy's daily prompts of community engagements and strategic ideas for growth, our private Facebook group membership has tripled!"

- CHRISTINE, cosmic life

Chances are we've found common ground and you're ready to take your business to the next level. When you're ready, we'll put some time on the calendar for a FREE 30-minute consultation to get to know each other and figure out if our feelings are mutual.

first, we talk BIZ needs

You've decided you are HERE for this partnership so you let me in on time requirements (AKA how many hours/ week you'll need me), initial tasks, and when I can get started. I draw up a contract for both of us to sign and request a $100 non-refundable deposit. Once paid, we rock and roll.

then, i get to work

We'll keep tabs of ongoing projects in a project management platform (Asana), where I'll update status, completion dates, applicable notes, etc. Email, works too! We'll refine, repeat and move 'onto the next'.

review and repeat

the process:

"Without In Kindness, I would be completely overwhelmed with no solid strategy for managing important tasks in my business."

- BRI, the good good nyc

feeling the burnout?

Every business owner dreams of the day they don’t have to hustle (alone) for every single thing they’re doing to scale. You're burnt out and you're losing sight of the bigger picture by staying stuck in the small things. This is where I come in.

Together we'll create a balance that not only works for you but propels you FORWARD. Better yet, we'll do it In Kindness.

I can't wait to hear from you!